family update.

Life has been busy around here in the last few weeks. Mainly, I’ve just been keeping up with day-to-day things, like school and work, dinner and dishes. Then there’s been the occasional midwife appointment, too.

October: In October, we got out a bit to enjoy the lovely, mild weather:

[Sarasota Jungle Gardens; 10/17]

[Penny Makes a Friend]

[Anna Maria Pier; 10/24]

We didn’t do anything for Halloween this year, which is something I think we will change next year. I’ve never been big on Halloween myself so I think I just took the easy road and played the “I’m a Christian; I don’t celebrate Halloween” card for the last 12 years. This year, I felt too tired and too overwhelmed to bother with it. And then I kept saying to myself that we had better things to spend our money on, with the baby coming and all…

And then on Halloween night, a little voice came drifting in the window. It sounded like a little boy, about four or five years old, was outside our house—and all he said was “Trick o’ Treat!” (in seriously the most adorable and innocent little voice you ever heard), but it was enough to reduce me to tears and make me feel like the biggest Scrooge/Grinch/Evil Stepmother around. My kids LOVE to dress up! And, of course, what kid doesn’t love candy?! Childhood is a magical time of enjoying silly, goofy things like Halloween. I can remember enjoying it myself! Why not have fun with it now? So, now I’m totally resolved—next year, I would like to go all out and have a great time celebrating Halloween with the kids.

November: At the end of October, my grandfather passed away. He was just 2 weeks away from celebrating his 101st birthday! I was very happy to get to spend his last day with him. When I arrived, he said my name and placed kisses on my hand in his still so refined and debonair way. He was always such a gentleman—just like a leading man in some classic black and white movie. In November, my mom hosted a lovely memorial service that was a wonderful time of celebrating and remembering my grandpa’s life. It almost felt like Thanksgiving with all the family that was there and the good food! My mom really knows how to throw a party, that’s for sure.

[Children’s Garden Reading Festival; 11/21]

Then on Thanksgiving, we had a lovely, laid-back afternoon together at her house with a few of my mom’s friends. She made it easy this year and told me all I needed to bring was dessert. So, I made a Maple Pecan Pumpkin Cheesecake and I tell you what—I was so glad that I didn’t have to cook anything other other than that. I was amazed at how much that one homemade dessert took out of me! Yikes. It’s easy to forget how pregnant I am sometimes…

We ended the day with a walk on the beach and watched the sun set. It was a lovely, relaxing day! And then not only did we get to enjoy having Travis home on Thursday, but he also had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off as well. Good times! Relaxing times! I know I certainly needed a break from the whole school/work/school/work cycle.

December: And now… here we are at the end of the year! And we’ve found ourselves to be super busy once again!

Thanks to the “nesting” instinct, I led everyone in some Spring Cleaning before we broke out all the Christmas decorations for the season. We went through every room of the house, dusting and vacuuming every corner and every cranny. Oh—my back! But it felt good to get things so clean. We’ve been here a year now and things needed to be moved around and cleaned a bit.

Then we pulled out both the tubs of baby clothes (which I’ll have to start sorting through soon!), the tree and all the boxes of Christmas things. At first, it was surreal to be doing all this as the A/C was kicking on. I know that I spent the first 23 years of my life in Florida, but the years I spent outside the state really reset my seasonal clock! But thankfully the day after we got the tree up, a cold front moved in and it’s felt more like Christmas Time ever since.

[Really, she’s worse than a cat!]

Now the tree has been trimmed and it’s time to get to the real fun of Christmas—shopping for the kids! I just love getting them presents, picking out things I know they will love. And I love wrapping them, too! There’s just something magical about pretty wrapping paper, isn’t there? Or maybe I’m so enamored with it because I love graphic design. Either way—it makes me happy just to look at a new roll of wrapping paper!

And as if this wasn’t already the busiest, craziest time of year…

About a month ago, at my midwife appointment I measured a little big (about 3 cm/3 weeks bigger than I should have been). Two weeks later, I measured right on schedule so we thought “Hmm. Okay, no big deal!” Then at my next appointment two weeks after that, I suddenly jumped 10 cm and was measuring 40 weeks at 30 weeks. Obviously, something was up. So, we scheduled an ultrasound to see what we could see. The possibilities included there actually being two babies in the oven! But nope—there’s just one! It looks like it’s a fluid issue, possibly related to my kidneys. Everything about the baby looks fine! Except for the fact that the technician thought that the baby was more like 36 weeks along, not 33.

So, the next day my midwives ordered a second ultrasound to be done at Sarasota Memorial. I went off to the Labor and Delivery triage by myself and spent a good 3-4 hours hanging out there, waiting to be admitted, monitored and then have the ultrasound. That technician pegged the baby at almost 38 weeks! You know, I might give you 35 weeks… but there’s NO WAY that things can be that off. First, I seemed to have morning sickness begin and end, right on schedule. I was reasonably sure of my dates. Then, up until recently, I was measuring right in line with my weeks, just like I always seem to do. There was obviously a jump… a growth spurt along with some extra fluid making my belly big. But, as Travis said, unless I was abducted by aliens for 5 weeks, there’s just no way the baby could be that much farther along!

So, all this has left me feeling like the baby could really be coming any day now, instead of thinking that I had a few weeks left! Who knows?! Yikes.

We did find out that the baby is a boy! Joshua is super happy. Now we just need to think up a good name—and soon, apparently! This weekend when we were at Target, I picked up a baby blanket for the baby. Everyone gets a special blanket in this house! It’s one of my favorite little things I like to do when getting ready for the new baby to come. Now it’s time to start diving in to do a mountain of 0-3 month sized laundry as well. Oh, my! How did we get here so fast? I have no clue…

10 Responses to “family update.”

  1. Sarah Gallagher Says:

    Right there with you on the wrapping paper. I LOVE wrapping paper and wrapping Christmas presents! Good luck with the baby.

  2. Kelleigh @ Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs Says:

    Oh, such exciting stuff!! Congrats on another boy!! PERFECT!! I can’t wait to see him!

  3. christine Says:

    What a great post!! I loved seeing pics of what you guys have been up to! And YAY! A sweet baby boy! I can’t wait to meet him 😀

  4. Erika Martin Says:

    We did Halloween for the first time this year. We’re done playing “I’m a Christian, blah blah blah, no Halloween card,” too. The kids loved it and we would have been out longer if it weren’t for the 35 degree weather.

    Looking forward to hearing news of your little boy soon! I’ve always loved the name Canaan – the Promised Land, but when we picked names out of a hat (that David prayed over), his name choice got picked out for Zach. I keep saying that I should have prayed over the hat!

  5. Charla Says:

    How scary (and exciting)!! I’d think fluid is the more likely culprit, since you were measuring correct for so long. And I’m sure you know how notoriously WRONG ultrasounds are in the third trimester in measuring baby sizes.

    I’ll be praying that everything works out smoothly and well. It sounds like you’re in VERY good hands! 🙂

  6. Lita Says:

    Congrats on another boy! Here’s hoping he’s not coming quite so soon though lol

  7. Holly in Japan Says:

    What beautiful family photos! Its hard to remember looking at them that its actually December. You really must be getting anxious about your new SON arriving. How fun! Balance in the family is good. Take care and happy holidays.

  8. Cheryl Yazzie Says:

    Beautiful photos! and Congrats to you too 🙂

  9. Lynn Says:

    Love the photos! You certainly are keeping busy!! Love it! 🙂

  10. Jenn Says:

    What great photos Nicole! I loved reading about everything going on! Hope everything goes great when the little one arrives! Best to you and your family!