our december, so far.

I thought I’d use my blog as a place to quickly record some “December Memories,” so that I can remember things now… and come back to pick them up to scrap later.

It’s already the middle of the month. How did that happen?! o_O

Thursday, Dec. 1: I took Katie outside for a photo shoot with her new jeans (see post below). I pulled out my new ornaments. I found these at Target for the tree this year. Too cute to pass up!

They fit in so well with our other ornaments. If I had to give our tree a “theme,” I’d say that it’s “toys.” I have lots of glass balls and bells and traditional things. But all the other little pieces are toys, for the most part. Little wooden rocking horses. A jack-in-the-box. A gingerbread doll my grandmother made, which is totally ’70s—it’s yellow and not brown, with sequins even! I love it. So kitschy!

So these guys fit right in.

Friday, Dec. 2: I went in for my surgery.

Travis and all the kids spent time in the waiting room and at Panera. Thank goodness for his Scribblenauts game on his iPad. They were engrossed and not climbing the walls.

My mom came to pick up the kids and take them out to a tree lighting ceremony. They spent the night with her.

I slept. And slept. And slept.

Saturday, Dec. 3: The kids came home. I played with my new box of All About Reading and All About Spelling books. (Our previous curriculum was not meeting our needs at all. I am so pumped to start this in January!)

Then I passed out like a coma patient once again.

Sunday, Dec. 4: Katie and Joshua sang at church. Here’s my cutie, in orange (so “Christmasy,” huh?)

Monday, Dec. 5: I don’t remember it. I think Travis stayed home? I must have slept all day.

Tuesday, Dec. 6: My mom’s birthday party. I missed it. (I don’t know how much therapy is going to get me over the guilt of this.)

I took my last pain pill that night because I had had enough of living in a coma. I wasn’t even in that much pain! I had a list of other complaints, like nausea and feeling totally worn out. I needed to kick the drugs.

Wednesday, Dec. 7: I muddled through, not doing much of anything. But not sleeping all day either.

Thursday, Dec. 8: I think this was the day we made popsicle stick stars as ornaments for the tree. I don’t have photos and can’t recall anything that happened along with the star making, just that they were on the kitchen counter for a few days before the tree went up… so that’s what I’m going to guess.

Later in the day, I had a doctor’s appointment, so I actually left the house for the first time in close to a week—with makeup on and everything! I also went to the cool new Publix downtown. It’s two stories high and you shop on the top level. That was fun to see it. I want to take the kids there. I know they will love seeing the escalator for the shopping carts.

Friday, Dec. 9: I finally started to feel like myself again.

I spent the day sorting through CD back ups of photos, making sure that everything was also on the EHD (doubly safe and sound). I painted and played and scrapped.

Katie had seen my December Daily work and she wanted to start her own mini album, too. So, we sat down and I walked her through what scrapping is all about. I told her that she wasn’t just allowed to cut up and glue paper, just to cut up and glue paper. She needed an idea of a story that she wanted to tell. What photos did she have? etc., etc. She came up with the idea to make a mini all about her trip with us and her Grammy to Orlando in October.

So we edited her photos to get them ready to print and then together we made her cover:

Yes, my eight and a half year old made this!

A title is still to come.

I gave her tips and ideas, but she assembled it all. She finger painted the background, trimmed the paper strips, painted the embellishments, picked all the colors and even did her own sewing. It’s so gorgeous. I am going to have to scraplift this idea and color scheme for a layout!

It looks a lot like the style that I like. Like mother, like daughter! I was careful to drag her through page after page on Pinterest and question her about what she liked first. She likes it messy, like me! Isn’t that great for a kid?! No worrying that you did it “wrong.” 🙂

Meanwhile, I also finished Page 2 of my December Daily:

That night, we put up the tree (see the post below for a snapshot of some squirmy kids!).

Saturday, Dec. 10: Woke up. Took a good look at the kitchen. Made some coffee. Looked at the kitchen floor some more. Busted out the Brillo pad, the mop and the broom and did a number on the kitchen. Passed out on the bed, two hours later. Yay! It needed that.

The bad news is that while I was doing all this… I was actually supposed to be at a ladies’ Christmas luncheon at church! 🙁

Man, I am still so bummed that I missed that. I was so looking forward to meeting other moms and getting time to talk with them without twenty billion little interruptions from kiddos. ::pout, pout, pout::

Later that afternoon, I took Penny to Target where we spent a little too much on presents and also got some household goods. It’s so much fun when they are the age that you can take them shopping and they have no clue that you are buying them presents. It’s like some sort of parenting challenge. Whee!

Then we came home, got out all the boxes and we all decorated the tree!

These are my favorites:

This was once a garland, but I only had this one bit of it and it was only about 6 feet at most. I took it home, trimmed all the glittery pine cone clusters off the rope and made them into ornaments (all I needed was a hook! So easy). I hang them deeper inside the tree, as if they are more a part of it. They are always the first to go on. I love them!

Then I worked on making hot [white] chocolate from scratch. It was my first time trying it. It was just okay. Good with gingerbread cookies, though:

The kids watched Rudolph (and then Ron Paul) and went to bed.

Sunday, Dec. 11: We missed church, but we went to our small group and had a great evening with our friends. I brought too much dessert. We came home with carrot cake. YUM!

Monday, Dec. 12: Nothing special or Christmas-y. Just an average Monday. I spent the entire day and night working on updating things (contracts, information and instructions) for the new year for my business. So boring.

Tuesday, Dec. 13: Relaxed. Created and painted. But nothing really Christmas-y.

Wednesday, Dec. 14: Nothing special. Just a Weight Watcher’s meeting. Did have some eggnog with the kids after dinner. Yum! Gathering a lot of inspiration online for different projects. Brainstorming about work related things with Travis.

Thursday, Dec. 15: Lots of gifts having been coming all week from UPS and the USPS. I see one or both of them at my door each day. Lots of Amazon orders from Grandmom and Granddad (arriving separately), presents from friends, orders from Etsy for others. My doorbell has been getting a workout! Today I received a Bind-it-All from a sweet friend. I am beyond excited to play with it!


…it looks like I really need to get more “daily” about my December. This week has been too much work and not enough play. Time for more intentional Christmas glee!

Here’s my list of things I want to be sure to capture in the next 10 days, as we countdown to Christmas:

  • My favorite old ornament.
  • The popsicle stick ornaments we made this year.
  • The kid’s mugs (a better shot than the one above. Blah. Flash!).
  • The wreath on the front door.
  • All those UPS boxes!
  • Presents being wrapped.
  • Presents under the tree.
  • My mom’s birthday gift.
  • Dinner out with my mom (this Friday).
  • The kids’ winter jammies (but I have to find and buy them first).

Ideas for this weekend include trying to get a family photo, firming up plans for Christmas day and Christmas dinner and maybe a beach walk. Ah! That does sound lovely, doesn’t it?

::off to get into the Christmas Spirit::

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