tell your story every day.

I wanted to share something really special with you today: my new site, Tell Your Story Every Day.

You can read all about the inspiration for the site and see what we are doing there—so while I’m tempted to write more about it, I’ll refrain and just say “Check it out!” instead.

It was amazing to spend New Year’s Day receiving comment after comment about how much people loved the message and were also excited about the site. I was practically floating around the house all day long, a little giddy over it all. It feels great to be part of something that people really appreciate. I love sharing things like this with other people. That’s why I started The Hybrid Chick in 2009—because I once had had my own card-making blog and I know how it feels to share the love of papercrafting with others. Now I have Tell Your Story Every Day as my own pet project to help inspire others to love and enjoy their favorite hobby while really doing something to record their precious memories! I think so many of us have forgotten that that is what scrapbooking is all about…

I hope you’ll check out the new site and join us for a fantastic 2012.

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