hello, project life.

I mentioned in a previous post that I am excited to get back to scrapping and that I plan to get involved with a big project this year: Project Life!

I’ve been a member of Pinterest for over a year now and I have to tell you—for me, that has been one of the most life changing sites I’ve ever been a part of!

Anyway, it was through Pinterest that I started to see all these beautiful PL spreads popping up. It was via a pin that I discovered my PL hero, Marcy Penner. I loooove her clean and simple hipster style.

So, for Christmas I strongly hinted that I would be pouting and crying and someone would be in big trouble if I didn’t get some stuff from my Amazon wishlist under the tree. There wasn’t anything else I wanted more than a binder and some page protectors!

Well, Mr. Santa did not disappoint! My Bear knows what makes me happy. Ha ha! (And it’s a good thing, because most items are now sold out!) o_O

Here’s what I’m using:

An American Crafts D-ring Binder and PL page protectors A and D.

Still on my wish list:

The 6 x 12 page protectors, grid notecards and a Selphy!

Nothing much is in my album yet. I did cut up some cards and insert them, just for fun. I heard that it’s good to work ahead!

I did want to show you this little idea I had that I stuck in my book on Monday: index notecards, for place holders, so I could journal in my book!

I plan to head to Target sometime soon to print off photos for my December Daily and also pick up a notebook for keeping notes in. But for now, I thought that this was fun and easy.

Last night I made my first note card and worked on this week’s title card:

I am undecided if I like the title card as is, because it is pretty in it’s simplicity, or if I want to add more embellishments. I left it alone for now. I can pull it out again any time!

I have a few personal challenges for myself this year with Project Life:

  • I want to informally do Project 365/366, so my mindset is geared towards recording everyday life and I’m getting my camera out each day—even if I’m using my iPod and Instagram.
  • I want to take a headshot of each one of us this week. Then I want to take a headshot of us all at the end of the year. This will be my first and my last pages.
  • Each month I want to try to capture all four kids in one snapshot (and all six of us, if I can swing it!)
  • At least once a month, I want to take a picture of myself.
  • Every week, I want to get involved in the picture somehow–even if it’s just a part of me.
  • Every Friday, I want to wrap up a spread and blog about Project Life in some way. (Welcome to the first one of those! Ha ha!)

Most people probably start with their title page, but I felt like I needed to wait until 2012 started. I want to use 2012 pictures for everyone, if I can swing it. I might cheat and use one from Dec. 31st for Benjamin.

So far this week, I have only been able to capture one gem for the title page:

Joshua and Benji have not cooperated. I figure Katie will be easy, so I’m saving her for last.

And I took a snapshot of myself that I thought was cute:

“Yay!” for feeling cute!

I have yet to print a photo that I have taken with my iPod. We’ll have to see how the quality is.

I’m sure that iPhone cameras are better… there’s more room in an iPhone for better components. Still, Instagram is fun and addicting and a great way to do Project 365.

Even if the prints stink, I might still take them all year long, just to be in the habit of taking pics!

And now for the Friday Five:

#1: The goal of this week was “Getting Back to Normal Life.” Monday was full of running errands. Tuesday was full of housecleaning. Wednesday was the first day back to school. Thursday was a mix of cleaning and schooling.

#2: Somewhere in the middle of all this there would be 5 minutes of painting in the art journal, 10 minutes of blogging, 15 minutes of creative writing, 5 more minutes of painting in the art journal, taking 20 pictures just to get one good one, stamping in the art journal… Life happens in bits and pieces around here. I feel like I have lived in the backend of WordPress this week, between writing posts here, at Sugarplum Paperie and at Tell Your Story Every Day. And if I’m not there, I’m in the kitchen, creating something. Starting to miss Photoshop this week…

#3: My one little word is NOW. I would like to get more intentional about my word next week. This week, there were only a handful of moments where I pressed pause and spent some time fully enjoying the moment. I have a nebulous project in mind to make a journal for my OLW and through it find ways to remind myself to slow down and be all here. Still thinking over the hows and whats of that…

#4: I went back to Weight Watchers this week. The last time I weighed in was on 12/14 (I missed two weeks of meetings—one thanks to food poisoning). Looks like the food poisoning canceled out all the negative effects of all the trips to Starbucks I made this holiday season… because there was no change in my weight. I’m trying to look at this as a good thing. At least I do not have more weight to fight. But currently, I am at a total 15.8 lost… but I’m thinking more about the 2.2 I gained, because right before Thanksgiving, I had hit a total of 18 pounds lost. ::thinking positively, thinking positively::

#5: This week I got out my Love Your Handwriting book for the first time since 2007. I practiced more and did some exercises. I tried writing faster and making my letter taller, aiming for a pretty but messy look, since my neat and clean is neither neat or clean. I’m continuing to practice this style when I write in my daily journal. I’m hoping that I’ve really latched on to something here that will help me love my handwriting… because the more I love it, the easier it’s going to be for me to write on my pages and scrap a lot faster!

2 Responses to “hello, project life.”

  1. Heather T. Says:

    Wow, awesome post–and ambitious goals! I’m trying to get involved in more photography stuff–and my one little word is “relax”. So far, so good. I’m tired of stressing about school!! Good luck Nicole!

  2. Erika Martin Says:

    I’ve heard about this from a couple people, but until you mentioned it here, that was the first time I actually checked out what it was. What a great idea! Yours is gonna rock!