wishes & new year goals.

I once had a Blogger blog with a list of 101 things I hoped to do in 1001 days. I loved the concept. And it was really cool to come back and see what had changed in my life and how many things I had wished for had naturally come to pass over that time.

Many things still haven’t happened. We’ve yet to go camping. I still, after 10 years, do not have a full set of dishes. But so many other things did happen. It’s a really fun exercise to make yourself a list like this. I will certainly have to do it again one day…

But today, I wanted to focus just on 2012. Here are some of my specific wishes, hopes and dreams for this year:


  • Capture one family photo a month (love this idea from Tara Whitney: 6 people, 12 times).
  • Continue to enjoy family story time // Help Travis find great books.
  • Do more that the kids enjoy during school // Worry less about cold, hard facts and make more messes.
  • Get back to a regular MWF Outside/Bath night schedule.
  • Make Saturdays more about outings, less about work and/or TV and video games.
  • Stick to a good, old-fashioned cleaning schedule // No, really—this time, I mean it.


  • Get out of the house with my notebook and draw out ideas (at least once a week; Saturdays or even early weekday mornings).
  • Stay off Social Media sites until after I’m done with high priority items.
  • When e-mails or requests come in, either reply right away OR make a note in my planner.
  • Get into the rhythms of blogging to take advantage of the beauty of organization.


  • Eat more fruits and veggies e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. // More trips to the store.
  • Start moving more // Specifically, get outside and walk/run.
  • Lose 10 pounds before my birthday in four months.
  • Lose 10 more before the year is up (and thereby become a Lifetime Member with WW).


  • Do something scrappy every day.
  • Backscrap when inspired.
  • Enjoy Project Life.
  • Print more photos (see above).
  • Journal stories in my daily diary.
  • Blog the Friday Five to help record weekly highlights and memories.


  • Play in my art journal every day // Collect quotes.
  • Make a mini art book for my One Little Word with meaningful quotes.
  • Make a canvas just for me.


  • Whatever organizational systems work for me, I want use them until they break. I need them in my life. If I’m going to keep up with all I have to do in a day, I need structure and lots of aides, since I can’t have a personal assistant move in to my house… LOL!
  • Where ever I am, be all there.
  • Stop the yelling // Be a scary whisperer instead (in all seriousness, it does make me calmer).
  • Stop and listen to the little ones when they interrupt whatever it is that I’m doing.
  • Smooch my husband. Always.

2 Responses to “wishes & new year goals.”

  1. Erika Martin Says:

    Oooh, a scary whisperer! Never heard of that one, but I am SO starting to do that!

    What is an Outside/Bath schedule? Is that taking baths outside?? 😉

    I am doing 52 tags this year to record my year. It’s something I’m leading on Soul Scrappers. I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years after seeing Emily Falconbridge do it and I finally took the time this year to start it.

  2. nicole Says:

    Ha ha! It’s where I send the kids outside regularly, but they ALWAYS get so dirty, so I HAVE to send them into the bath afterwards. So, it’s like a built in cleanliness routine whenever I tell them to go play in the yard. LOL!