I love this quote:

I am trying to undo years damage and fear from lots of negative self-talk… this quote is healing for me.

Since I wasn’t “born crafty” (who is—really?!) but I know what I like, I can give myself a really hard time when I don’t measure up to my own standards of perfection.

A big part of my goals with playing and experimenting in my art journal is to allow myself to play, like when I was a kid and I didn’t care. And imperfections in my work are just signs that I tried something new… even if I didn’t do so great with it. I’m just having fun and making a beautiful mess!

Speaking of a beautiful mess, I like all the mess on this page:

When I was stamping the quote for my mom’s canvas, I thought I’d save time and ink by just putting it into my book at the same time! I wasn’t sure I was done with this background yet, but I when I saw the butterflies just sitting there on this page, I knew I wanted to put the quote here.

Love all the craziness.

Here’s something fun you can try: When you’re working on another craft, leave your art journal open to a new page. When you have extra paint on your fingers or an inked up stamp, just use your book! I did this while I was working on my canvas and now I have a background for a page started. It’s full of color because I got rid of my “extras” on there. Love it!

My daughter has been getting in on the action.

I have a spread in my journal that I’m letting her play with.

So often as a mom I hear myself saying “No. No. No.” I know that it means a lot when I say “Yes!”

So, in the spirit of playfulness and not caring about perfection, I let her make a page. She loves to craft. She has since she was old enough to touch whatever Mommy was crafting with. I have pictures of her stamping when she was 18 months old. Ha ha!

Here’s what it looks like so far:

By the way, you can click on these images to enlarge them. They were just quick little grainy Instagram pics.

I’ve been using Instagram a lot this week. It’s a fun way for me to remember to capture the little details of life!

She’s a pro, huh? Well, the name of the game is playing and making a mess… something eight year olds know a lot about!

Our crafty times are some of our favorite times together. We can talk and show each other the cool things we are doing. If you’re not crafting with your kids, I’d highly recommend you find a way to let them in to what you’re doing. It’s magical. Messy, unpredictable… but magical.

2 Responses to “imperfection.”

  1. Erika Martin Says:

    I don’t believe that you weren’t born crafty. 🙂

  2. Janna Says:

    Love it.
    Love your thoughts.
    Love your comment over at my place today.
    Kindred spirits we are 😉