emerging style.

Over the last four years, I have barely scrapped a paper page, even though it is my most favorite hobby.

I have resolved that this year will be 100% different.

This year, along with my Project Life book, I plan to go back and record as much as I can with the photos I have from the last… 9 1/2 years of my marriage! Yikes. Obviously, I need to streamline my artistic process to make a dent in this goal.

I have two pages that I did make in 2011 that I wanted to share, because I think that they are closer to what I’ve always wanted then ever before. Yay!

This one was totally inspired by the work of karenika (her 2peas gallery). I wanted to try her journaling block style and make a long title out of the stickers and alphas I had on hand:

I will certainly try this minimal style out on other pages, because it’s fast and pretty. Also, if I want to I can make clusters of paper, stickers and stitches and save them for just the right page!

Here is another page I tried, inspired by the work of Jen Jockisch (her 2peas gallery). I love the “quilty” look of her pages and I wanted to mix and match pretty patterns:

I know I will be repeating this layered look—a lot. 😀

I’m still working on learning to love my own handwriting. Sigh. That is a work in progress.

I’m using my daily journals for Project Life and Writing Motherhood to practice my style and hoping for the best. But I started to also run papers through the printer and I think I will be experimenting more with that. My goal is to record our memories—not worry about my art or even having my handwriting on a page. I need to stop letting these things hold me back from doing what I love and what I think is most important with this hobby. It’s not about impressing other people… it’s about recording life. Of course I want to be happy with my work, too. And scraplifting is one way to get there!

Sigh. Now, back to work! Deadlines, deadlines. They are keeping me from playing more! 😛

One Response to “emerging style.”

  1. Erika Martin Says:

    Beautiful pages! There are times when I totally dig the messy, cluttered look on a page, but there are times when simple is simply gorgeous. 🙂 I love your handwriting. Your kids will cherish that you took the time to put more of yourself on your pages.