the friday five.

#1: I am very happy this week because I have stuck to my cleaning schedule! Monday we cleaned the kitchen. Tuesday I cleaned the bathrooms. Wednesday we went to Target and skipped doing the bedrooms—but Thursday was vacuuming day, so we did them then. Today is laundry day. MAN—this feels goooooood. It’s also taking me less time to clean everything for two reasons: I did it last week (so everything isn’t that dirty or backlogged) and I’m going to do it again next week (I can go fast and not feel like I need to be a perfectionist). Ah, peace of mind. Priceless!

#2: Wednesday we took Travis in to work (so that we could go to Target). We all had breakfast at Panera. At Target, we found this guy for Benji:

His name is Tigee (the kids said “Until Benji is old enough to name him”). He’s a miniature Hobbes. I hope that doesn’t mean that Benjamin is going to be a Calvin!

#3: I was so excited to slip my first photos into my Project Life binder:

I also had an epiphany this week. I’m going to borrow what I wrote and posted on the forums and bring it here:

I wanted to tell you guys something funny… I think I have come up with One Little Word for my scrapbooking! Okay, TWO little words: WHO CARES?!

(I know–I’m acting a little crazy over the whole OLW thing, huh?!)

Anyway, I’m starting to see how I get so hung up on the art and the sharing and the wanting praise that I stop myself from even starting until I know I have the time to “do it right.” I was writing this morning on my blog, posting two pages I made last year (here) and I started to ramble on about my handwriting:

I’m still working on learning to love my own handwriting. Sigh. That is a work in progress.

I’m using my daily journals for Project Life and Writing Motherhood to practice my style and hoping for the best. But I started to also run papers through the printer and I think I will be experimenting more with that. My goal is to record our memories—not worry about my art or even having my handwriting on a page. I need to stop letting these things hold me back from doing what I love and what I think is most important with this hobby. It’s not about impressing other people… it’s about recording life. Of course I want to be happy with my work, too. And scraplifting is one way to get there!

And then, I was just thinking about this:

Over the holidays, I had to use my flash to get some photos for my Dec. Daily album (trimming the tree, Christmas Eve). I was preparing the photos for printing Tuesday and I was like “Ah, man. I wish I had better pictures without a flash. Oh, well… I’ll just use these.”

Yesterday, I went to the store to print them out. And you know what? When I looked at them, they didn’t scream “YOU USED A FLASH!!!” at me. They look normal! They look great! They look like captured memories! Now I’m thinking that they look worse on a monitor than they do in real life. Anyway–lesson learned: “Girl, get out your camera and stop worrying so much!”

So… Take that, Inner Critic! No one cares what you think!

What’s most important here? HAVING the pictures and TELLING the story.

I just wanted to share these ramblings with you, in case you needed to tell your own Little Miss Perfectionist to go jump in a lake.

It’s freeing to be in this place. I want to record memories more than anything else. It’s time to relax, have fun… and get it scrapped!

#4: Last night, coming home from a night out with Travis and the kids, we turned on to our street… and saw smoke. The closer we got to our house, the more it looked like the smoke was coming from our house. I started to enter that surreal, dream-like state where everything is going wrong, yet you can keep on functioning. Once we pulled up closer, we could make out that it was actually a car on the main road, about 50 feet from the back our house, that was on fire. We couldn’t get into our neighborhood at that point. There is only one way in and the police were blocking it. So we took the kids out for ice cream… at 9:00 at night! After that, we were able to get back in to our neighborhood. Several neighbors were hanging out in the side yard so we stopped to talk and got to see a picture of the car engulfed in flames! So weird. No one was hurt. And I went to bed extremely thankful that it was not worse.

#5: I’ve decided on a project for my One Little Word. I’m going to make some sort of tag journal mini album! Thank you, Dearest Erika Martin, for the idea. I will be making one a week. (I’m actually wondering if I have an old deck of cards on hand!) I want it to start off as loose papers/tags and end up bound together. Thanks to my friend, Donna, I now have a Bind-it-All… so this part should be a piece of cake! Since this is my NOW journal, I’m going to go and start that—right NOW!

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  1. Erika Martin Says:

    You’re welcome, dear friend. 🙂 I know you’re going to have an amazing album at the end of the year and I’m so glad you’re coming along for the ride.

    I’m also thankful your house was safe! That’s always a fear of mine whenever I smell smoke on our street.