look beyond.

I am trying to work weekly rhythms in to my life and into my crafting. Trying to have a consistent blog schedule is one way I’m trying to help myself do this.

Today I wanted to share this page. I love the quote! It was just what I needed… because I really need to internalize this:

I just LOVE that the letter Y got messed up when I was stamping it. 😀

I also started work on a tag album for my one little word:

I plan to make one a week with a quote on each page… and then bind it all in the end. Bite-sized goals!

Travis and I have been teaching Sunday School for the past three weeks. Last week, I spotted a snotty kid, pulling his sleeve across his nose.

::cue the Music of Impending Doom::

By Friday, all my kids were seriously sick with fevers and the Massive Crankies.

Saturday night was worse. Benji was miserable and wouldn’t sleep.

I went by myself to teach on Sunday with only a few hours of sleep. Praise the Lord—He made it a sweet day for me.

But now that it’s all over, I am most certainly sick myself. Boo. It’s not terrible—just annoying!

But if I may rant for just a moment:

Friends, we are under Grace, not The Law.

There is no commandment to be at church every Sunday.

If your kids are sick, have compassion on them and stay home. Have mercy on the rest of the class and the families of those class members and stay home.

Yeah, it stinks. Yeah, you want to go. You feel like you need to go. But we aren’t commended to be there. We are, however, told in Scripture what the greatest commandment of all is: Love.

So, please—show love to those around you the next time your family is sick and don’t drag them to church!


::cough, sniffle, cough::

4 Responses to “look beyond.”

  1. Charla Says:


    And gorgeous page (and LOL about the Y) 😀

  2. Sharyn Says:

    Oh you poor thing! Totally agree with what you are saying too! Hugs and I hope you all feel better soon.

  3. Holly in Japan Says:

    So true. I’ve got parents who send their kids with fevers even just to my English class – in my home!!! I hope you’re all well soon Nicole. Take care!

  4. Erika Martin Says:

    Oh, I hate it when people send their sick kids to school or church. especially since Girly doesn’t have much a reserve and usually ends up on IV fluids in the ER when she gets sick.

    Can you PLEASE put your pic of your tag in the gallery over at Soul Scrappers?? I know the girls would love to see it!