what you now have.

Pinterest is SUCH a wonderful place for finding quotes. I found this one there:

Such a great reminder to me, as a person who’s always drooling over something new… and forgetting about the things I had hoped—and even prayed—for that I now have. It makes me sad, that I am such an ungrateful person. This quote helps me to pause, reflect and give thanks to God for all the gifts He’s given me.

Here is my tag for my Project 52 tag album:

My one little word is NOW and this quote encompasses part of what that means to me.

Katie, who is 8 1/2, has been enjoying painting in her own art journal. This past week, she seemed to be dragging right about the time that school typically starts. So I thought to myself “Let’s not start with math. Let’s start with art!” That woke her right up. (Just another of the 1,001 things I love about homeschooling!)

Once Katie was done and she went off to do her math, these two showed up.

Penny had actually been trying to crawl up on the step-stool with Katie while she finished up her painting. Now that sister was gone, she turned to me and said “A-me paint?” I said yes… and the next thing I knew, there was Joshua saying “Oh! Mommy, can I paint?”

So, I gave them some new tags to paint. I let them decorate the back and do whatever they wanted.

It’s so freeing to be doing a craft project like this that I can let my kids join me in. So many other crafts are about perfection, but this one is all about having fun! I love that I can include my kids in this… from age 8 1/2 to age 2 1/2. It’s all fun!

Here are their finished masterpieces (Penny’s is in front. Joshua painted a sunset):

I love them! And I love that I could say yes to this. It was a wonderful morning…

4 Responses to “what you now have.”

  1. Lena Gardner Says:

    I need to read this today. Thank you!

  2. Charla Says:

    GORGEOUS!! And what fun. I love the flexibility of homeschooling!!

  3. Erika Martin Says:

    Your kids are just like you! Very artistic! Glad that you let them play!

  4. Elise Says:

    Ugh, I NEED to be the Mom that says “yes” to paint! Good for you! 😉 And I love that quote, too– so perfectly appropriate for now.