the friday five.

#1: Sometimes I think that Project Life highlights how mundane and boring my life really is. I mean, I’m constantly busy with things for the house, school and work. I rarely have a minute’s rest. But really, it’s so often all the same…

#2: Case in point, the real highlight of my week was going to Staples on Wednesday to see the new Martha Stewart line of office supplies:

#3: That was taken with my camera phone… which I had all but forgotten about until I started doing Project Life. 🙂

#4: Also on Wednesday, I went to Weight Watchers and found out that I had lost 1.6 pounds from my last weigh in (the first week of January). Yay! That was encouraging! This week I have gotten back into a good eating schedule with healthy, low-point things in the house. I’m secretly hoping that letting go for the last two months will actually be a beneficial thing that busts me out of this plateau. I still have about 20 lbs. to lose! I am only half way there…

#5: I am very excited to get to spend the day tomorrow with my friend (and partner in crime on Tell Your Story Every Day), Charla! Her and her family are here in Florida and we are driving to Orlando to spend the afternoon with them. Yay! Since she’s such a great photographer, maybe I can talk her in to taking a picture of all six of us—something I don’t have yet!

Oh! And while I have your ear, I’d love to ask you to please stop by TDC and check out this post about my friend, Erika, who’s having a “Save my House” sale. Thanks!

Have an awesome weekend!

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