After months of resisting, I finally figured out what I would do if I had a Smash Book. So, I gave in to temptation and bought one!

I have my painty-painty art journal that I’ve been keeping. The goal of that book is for me to have a place where I can try out new techniques and have fun making backgrounds. When I come to a stopping point, I’ll stamp an awesome, inspirational quote on one side.

But I wanted to start a different book–more of a real art journal with thoughts and feelings and reminders in it. Since I knew that I love painting on patterned paper (thanks to Christy Tomlinson), I thought a Smash Book would be a perfect thing to paint in!

So, I started…

And inspired by this post here, I got down to the work:

Yeah. I am a work-a-holic. My best is never enough–for me. There’s always more to feel guilty about. Can’t ever take a day off. Can’t read a book or stay in bed for hours… because, you know, burning the candle at both ends is healthy.

That’s why I started my book off with this reminder. 🙂

Page 2 is still blank. It will probably be a continuation of Page 1… maybe focused more on the word “plenty” to echo the feelings on the opposite page.

I kinda over-committed to the paint on these pages. I wanted more background paper to peek through. I’m working on just how to achieve that balance… it really doesn’t matter to me because the whole process is fun.

Hope you enjoyed a peek at my book!

One Response to “smashing.”

  1. Juli Says:

    Nicole – this is absolutely fabulous. Keep it going. Your painting is soooo inspiring to me.