what i did on my summer vacation.

My 30 Day Experiment is over.

And I survived.

More than that, I thrived. (Just wait and I’ll tell you all the things I did!)

But I also discovered that… well… I kinda hate Facebook and how it makes me feel.

At this point, I really don’t have any plans to go back. I like being quiet, flying under the radar and staying out of other people’s drama. And there’s a lot of drama on Facebook! Sheesh.

So, what have I been doing this month in my free time? Well, I’ve been:

1. Knitting

On October 15, 2007, I wrote a post about casting on a pair of socks for my husband.

I finished them this month.

That’s almost five years. For one pair of socks. I will never live this down!

Really, the reason it took me so long was that I got to the point where I was 99% done—and almost out of yarn. It was fancy, expensive (and not-made-for-socks) yarn, which killed my motivation even more! I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have enough to finish. And so I put down my needles… for a few YEARS.

I just decided enough was enough. It was time to suck it up and finish. And I did! (And I had the tiniest ball of yarn left over!) But I will probably never live this down. Five years for a pair of socks. We’ll be in our eighties and Travis will still remember this…

As soon as I cast off the socks, I knit a quick cozy like one I saw on Pinterest:

It is cute. But pointless. I have not noticed that it keeps my coffee any warmer! But it feels nice to hold it in my hands. Maybe that’s the point?

2. Reading

I picked these up from the library (because I made the time to go!):


They were fabulous! I loved them. I don’t really care how bloated they were. I didn’t mind the fact that I couldn’t pronounce anyone’s names. They were great. I’ve read that this “trilogy” was going to originally include ten books! I would have loved to have read them. They way they are now, Dragon Tattoo feels more like a prequel and Fire and Hornet’s Nest feel like the “real” story. So, if you plan to read them, be sure you have both on hand!

Now I’m working my way through Water for Elephants because I have heard it was good and I might suggest it for our ladies’ book club. I haven’t been keen on reading it before now (because I am no fan of the sparkly Mr. Pattinson and seeing that he was in the movie took away all interest for me). But I warmed to it when a number of friends suggested it be our next pick. I don’t know about this one so far… there are some gross, graphic and kinda unnecessarily detailed descriptions of things. And this is a Christian ladies’ book club. I mean, we all married… but still. I might have to hunt up another book—and quick!

3. Sleeping

Or, rather, “going to bed at a decent hour and getting enough sleep.” Which allows for us all to indulge in a new Saturday Morning tradition: Breakfast out on the Town!

Here we are at Millie’s:

Love, love, love this place! I’ve been going here ever since I was in high school and my mom would treat us to breakfast out. This is THE place where I came to love breakfast food! It’s so wonderful to get to bring my own little family here now…

4. Playing With My Kids

Look at this face! She was saying “I goint to geeet you, Mama!”

And as I snapped the picture, she actually did get me in the shoulder. Good thing she missed shooting the phone!

We’ve also been enjoying watching Doctor Who together! We skipped around Season 1 and watched most everything from Season 2, 3 and 4. We are now on Season 5 and the kids just love it—which makes Travis and I very proud Geeky Parents.

And then there’s our new obsession:

It’s like WoW meets Pokemon. How could we resist?!

5. Gearing up for Next Year

This year I will have a 4th Grader, a 1st Grader… and an eager little girl who wants to do Pre-K workbooks:

She won’t be left out of the fun! And here I thought I would be able to give Joshua more time. Well, I guess Katie can teach Penny while I teach Joshua. Nine year olds. I tell you, they are amazing. Everyone should have one like this!

My first order for new books came in from Sonlight:

I still have an assortment of extra things in my Amazon cart so we’ll have another Box Day to look forward too.

We took a month off for our summer break and we are now back into the books again, wrapping up a few things for the end of the year as we get ready to dive into our new stuff! New stuff—it’s always more fun!

6. Having Friends Over

We’ve had some friends over for dinner and had fun playing games with them! We got to enjoy playing with the Johnsons’ amazing Munchkin collection:

What an investment, but it’s so worth it. This game is a blast with more pieces and decks. I can’t wait to play again!

Then last night, we busted out the Settlers for a little fun with the Fredericks:

It had been too long since we had played this. I actually kinda forgot all the rules. Eep!

7. Crop Night

I signed myself up for a crop night at the most beautiful scrapbook store in St. Pete! I took 102 tiny Instagram photos with me for my Project Life album… and spent most of my time monotonously trimming them and trying to stick them into their pockets. Halfway through this, I realized that I had no photos for our April trip to the Magic Kingdom! I had taken my old cell phone and Travis had taken his camera. The two days it was my birthday and I received my new iPhone… and I apparently hadn’t looked back since! That put a bit of a damper on my cropping. So I went out into the store and did some serious shopping… which I did get in trouble for later—whoops! I crossed the line a smidge because they had lots of art journaling supplies that I’ve seen my art journaling heroes using. I couldn’t resist buying them, too. And of course I bought paper. I even won some paper as my Door Prize! I picked a pack of Crate Paper from Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t believe my luck. I adore Crate Paper. After that, I sat down to work on my book. I’m so far behind but I still love it to pieces. I’m working on ways to stream line it because I just need to get caught up. Having it all be stunning is not a priority at this point when I am three months behind. Sigh.

So, there you have it! I’ve been crafting, schooling, reading, cleaning and socializing. And without the distraction of Facebook I have not been wasting away the hours just sitting here when school is over! I’ve been working on work, creating several new kits and collections while also wrapping up stuff for a fall paper release for my client.

Honestly, while I love my friends and the people I’ve come to know but I’ve never met, I just can’t get sucked in to that Time and Energy Vortex known as Facebook. I get too emotional. I get mad. Or sad. Or catty. Ugh! Or I bunny-trail and watch YouTube for an hour. Or check out 100 memes on some silly site. And then I remember “Oh! I was needing to work on XYZ before dinner!” I can’t afford to do this with the limited number of hours that I have in my day and my ever-growing list of hobbies and responsibilities.

So, so long Facebook! Once upon a time it was nice knowing you…

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