Outside: It is currently a chilly 61° outside, although it is brilliantly sunny with deep, deep blue skies. I’m not trying to be sarcastic when I say that it’s chilly—it is chilly! If it weren’t for those gorgeous, clear blue skies, I’m guessing it would be 51° outside today. The kids went outside for a bit but it didn’t last long with the sun going down… brr! We’re all in shorts and flip flops around here and can’t take that kind of weather.

Reading: A lot. o_O


7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess: Just read the last page last night. All I have to say is that God has used Jen Hatmaker has changed my heart forever and I love her for it. Looking forward to picking up the study guide to be sure that I put this new heart-change stuff into practice! The last thing I want is to hear and not do…

MWF seeking BFF: Picked this up on a whim because it looked cute and the premise certainly resonates with me.

Community: Taking Your Small Group off Life Support: Reading this because a) I like Mars Hill; b) I’m going to be helping with a woman’s small group next month and c) Travis had it on his bookshelf.

The Hobbit: Reading this for ladies’ book club. And because I never have and always have wanted to.

Nurture: Give and Get What You Need to Flourish: And… reading this because it’s the book for our small group.

Eating: Nothing. Trying not to snack as much this month…

Drinking: Coffee, sweet coffee.

Cooking: Spaghetti Squash “pasta” with sauce: a mix of [grass-fed] meat, zucchini, onion and green pepper with a bit of vodka sauce. Mmm!

From the Mail: Super excited about this new curriculum! ::squee::


Hoping: To find a pretty table runner for my pretty new dining room table. Or make one. You know, in my “spare” time. LOL!

Around the House: There is always clutter. Yesterday the kitchen was almost totally clean. Today, it’s covered in baking dishes, cutting boards, housecleaning supplies from Target and mail. Gaah! I can never win at this game!

Crafting: I’m in to the month of October with my 2012 Project Life album. (YES!) I’m also currently working on trying to literally get some of my art journaling painting into the hands of digital scrapbookers. I painted this this week:


Trying to figure out the best way to use it, though. Not as easy as doing this all in Photoshop! Who’d-a thought?!

Pondering these words: Because… well… ouch.


That’s all for today! Off to get that squash out of the oven. Mmm—MMM!

How about you? What are you reading, pondering or crafting? 🙂

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