ten things.

Ten things I’m thankful for right now:

ONE // Pinterest. It’s amazing what a trip to Pinterest can do for my design mojo. I just about thought my mojo had up and abandoned me for good… until I started regularly scanning Pinterest every morning!

TWO // My Keurig. I’ve had my Keurig for a month now and I love it as much as I did on the first day we bought it. I don’t like how much K-Cups cost. Blah! But I love my little filter thing.

The unexpected perk from getting a Keurig: I’ve been drinking tea like a mad woman! I haven’t really enjoyed having a daily cup tea for maybe 11 years now. The last time I was this excited about tea was when I first moved up to Pennsylvania when I was engaged to Travis. We would have a cup together every night. Well, now that I can have hot water at the touch of a button, there’s no barrier to my making a cup! For the last few weeks, I’ve used a cup of tea at night as a replacement for that evening snack I always used to crave!

THREE // Trader Joe’s. Last September, Sarasota got a Trader Joe’s. I was on Cloud 9 from the moment I heard the news. Getting to shop there weekly is just wonderful. I can find most all the natural things I’m looking for there—and typically save more than I can at any other store.

FOUR // Losing 10 Pounds. When Trader Joe’s first came to town, I quickly gained 10 pounds from all the not-so-healthy treats they carry. Then Christmas came along and suddenly I was up another 10 pounds! Holy cow. But after a few weeks of clean eating, I’m back down again. Still have a ways to go to be truly happy with my weight, but this is a good start!

FIVE // Project Life. Now that a new year has started, I’m enjoying looking back to January 2012 to see just what we were doing last year. It’s been fun to sit around and read off things, playing the “Oh my goodness! It’s been a year since that?!” game. Still planning out what 2013 will look like in my head. What I do know is that it will be cleaner and more streamlined. I’m taking pictures and taking notes. At some point I’m going to need to transition from working to finish 2012 to working weekly on 2013.

SIX // Wunderlist. I thought I had tried and given up on all types of computer based calendars and organizational apps. This one surprised me! I love using it for setting reminders, for making shopping lists, for making meal plans, for reminding me to clean the bathroom and do the laundry… everything! It’s changed my life.

SEVEN // My Day Planner. I still have a soft spot in my heart for my “paper & pen” planner. I would be lost if I were unable to dump all my thoughts, tasks and deadlines onto a piece of paper!

EIGHT // No More Eczema. For two years my husband has had terrible bouts of eczema on his hands. It would come and go. I think it might finally be gone. During the first week of January, every he would use two of his prescription creams along with taking a zinc supplement and a Claritin. At the same time, I went to Target and decked out our bed with dust mite covers and new sheets. Something out of those five things is helping. Right now, our money is on the Claritin and the dust mite covers. We are guessing that this whole time, he’s been allergic to something and maybe it was the bed! Ugh. So creepy to think about, but this is Florida—a hot and humid environment. At least now, his eczema is under control!

NINE // Friends. Friends that encourage me to take up running (even though I’ve kinda fallen off track with that…). Friends who answer the call to help you out when you’re feeling blue. Friends that will go see Les Mis (and sing!) with you. Friends that love to talk and talk and talk some more. Friends on-line and friends in real life. I feel blessed when I think of all of them…

TEN // Things I’m Learning. I’ve been reading a lot of great books lately and they’ve been working on my soul. I’m feeling a real call to find ways to practically live out the words of Jesus. I’m feeling convicted, but refreshed… strengthened… encouraged. It’s good stuff.

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