project life : week eleven.

Will you travel back in time with me to 2012? It’s time for a look at Week 11 in my Project Life album.

This week was one of those sparse weeks that required a lot of filler cards. As you’ll see below, I actually had a ton of photos… but I needed to do a total of four pages with them… so Week 11 is thin.

Part 2, Left:

As you can see here, I used a filler card with a sweet sentiment on the top right. And along the bottom, I used a picture of my favorite planners as a journaling prompt to write about why I love them so much.

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

I love this paper… I want to get better at making my own shapes in Illustrator and MAKE some like this. YUM!

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

Part 1, Right:

The top here on the right has one journaling card and an empty spot, waiting to be filled one day—at the right time! The journaling card had some private stuff on it related to my design work for a client, so I’m not sharing a pic of that. But it was a stressful week, meeting deadlines and wrapping things up, so it still went into the album! It’s all about REAL life, right? LOL!

Below those two spaces, I did have cards for the rest of the week… including our major toy sorting endeavors:

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

And the dinner that followed all that work!

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

As well as a card that leads into the next two pages…

Part 2, Left:

On Sunday we went to Epcot and there were so many great pictures, it certainly needed it’s own spread!

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

Part 2, Right:

This picture of my daughter here at the top is one of my favorites. My husband captured this shot on his camera as I was ordering food (and margaritas!) in Mexico:

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

I love that! And the one below it where she is brushing her hair out of her face and just beaming.

My camera phone is not doing it justice… indulge me for a moment. 🙂


I feel like these snapshots are a little glimpse into the future where I can see the amazingly gorgeous woman that she is going to be. This this girl… she’s already such an amazing person.

And here are the boys! These pictures were all taken on the bridge from Future World to the World Showcase. There’s a splash pad there and we can armed with dry clothes so the kids could do this:

Project Life : Week 11 by Nicole Seitler

And then one little snapshot of a real live Nemo and Marlin that were swimming around in a tank with Dory at what used to be The Living Seas.

And that was our week! Thanks for looking!

5 Responses to “project life : week eleven.”

  1. Judy (Mom) Says:

    Your writing and capturing these memories are incredible. I am so proud of you. Much love…mom

  2. Lisette Ruiz Says:

    I just love love love how you’re doing this project life. I really want to do one but it seems so overwhelming! I have a question. How do you print your pictures? Do you have a pre-determined size template and print them all out at once then cut? Or what’s the process you use? I have about a million and one pictures on iPhoto and facebook and instagram that I can use, but am not sure how to print them out in a size that’s convenient for putting them on small journaling cards.

  3. nicole Says:

    I should do a blog post about it sometime!

    What I typically have done is this: I post everything to FB. When I’m ready to print, I go to my photo album on FB and I right-click to copy the image. It’s already been resized for the web, so I just paste it into a Photoshop document that is 4×6. I can get 2 pics to a photo. Then I just go to Target with a memory card to print them out!

    Hope that helps!

  4. Erika Martin Says:

    I am SO doing that rainbow garden this year! 🙂

  5. Liz Says:

    Your project life is cute!.. what font do you use? Looks like most of your photos are 2×2 is that right?